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Aged only 28 years old, these two Parisians are among the rising stars of deep house, although their sound does venture outside the world of electronic music from time to time, calling to mind to the big names of rock and folk. This is evident from the moment you hear "Be Mine", which is at the top of the world rankings boasting in excess of 500 million streams, with a video that is both fun and sexy. This is the first of a long series of international hits, which have made the twosome one of the most successful French bands in the world!
On the one hand, you have the classically trained pianist, who occasionally turns his hand to drumming; On the other, there is the singer and guitarist. Hailing from Paris, they live just a stone's throw from each other… like when they first met, at the age of 11, in the corridors of their secondary school! During a fire drill, the students had to line up in a queue. As you can imagine, César and Dorian were on the same wavelength, cracking jokes during the drill. Since then, they have been inseparable.

After college, despite the forced separation of their university courses, the pair persevered. With both of them attending courses in film school, they learned to combine beats and layer keyboard sounds. They immersed themselves in deep house, and studied Robin Schulz and Bakermat avidly, while continuing to pay tribute to the French Touch that they had grown up with: Daft Punk, Stardust, Etienne de Crécy, Ed Banger, Cassius, Justice, Kavinsky. Their objective: to contribute to the French Touch 2.1! After creating numerous mixes in Parisian underground bars, the pairing finally found their stage name: Ofenbach, inspired by one of César's musical scores, that was sitting on his piano... It evoked their way of paying homage to music without copying it.

A clear example of this is "Be Mine", blending 70s rock with contemporary electro, with the additional use of some genuine organ and guitar, to which the twosome inserted a double bass, that has been transformed with distortion effects. Even if Ofenbach is about making crowds dance in clubs, César and Dorian are not going to give up their Perfecto jackets and their rock'n'roll influenced looks. In 2017, they collaborated with American singer-songwriter Nick Waterhouse for the deliciously retro "Katchi" (ranked 6th in terms of airplay in Europe and most Shazamed dance track in the world for more than three months). Then followed a series of hits with Paradise, Rock It, Insane, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, etc. Going 16X Platinum & 10X Gold, Ofenbach's singles have toured the planet, with the band completing a series of 3 European Tours, 2 US Tours & 1 Asian Tour. With Wasted Love, released in early 2021, the duo entered the European top 10 airplay charts for the fourth time and are the only French band in the world's biggest playlist (Today's Top Hits), with a total of 300 million streams, thereby confirming their position as a leading name on the global electro scene.

This was followed by a collaboration with British superstar Ella Henderson (Hurricane), a new radio hit all over Europe, along with an incredible video inspired by science-fiction cinema.

In 2022, the group is putting out an official remix of Coldplay & Selena Gomez's new track, followed by the release of a new radio hit: "4U". They finished off the year with a massive +40 dates tour around the world and the unveiling of their first album “I” (one).

This year, they have released their latest single “Body Talk” with Swedish singer-songwriter SVEA and a new global tour, which will culminate at Paris Zenith Arena on October 28TH!